Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have.  Prayer allows us to join together and unite in the mission of reaching children with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Joining us in prayer for our chapter also helps the chapter financially with Fueled By Prayer.

This is accomplished on a conference calling phone line, with participants
taking turns praying as the Lord leads for whatever they choose to pray about.  
Each hour is monitored to record the names of those calling and
their associated ministry, and to share their prayer needs with others.

Jimmie Borders, a successful businessman from Kentucky came up with
the idea to grow the prayer for ministries around the world.  Jimmie's goal is
to have Christians calling in daily and praying together and inviting others to pray.  
Jimmie’s vision is to also tithe into participating ministries from the profits of his
businesses.  His current goal is to give $1,000,000 into ministries this year.

To register for the “Fueled by Prayer”, prayer line:
1) Fill out the online application by clicking here:

Fueled By Prayer Application
Information needed when filling out registration:

- Ministry Name is CEF of Southern Illinois
- Ministry Leader is Robin Williams
- Ministry Leader's email is
- The very last question on the application check the middle Box
2) Allow several days to receive a email response containing your Fueled by Prayer ID number

4) After you have received your Fueled by prayer ID number, You are all set to PRAY!

If you need more information, please contact our office.